The sad is the most memorable day of one’s life,

The day each second is noticed ,counted and recorded,

The day the touch of sleep vanishes from one’s eyes,

The day the eyes 👀become the only sense organ on the body,

The day ,the silence of a house is broken down by tears and screams,

The day ,you see many but but only feel your tears and pain,

The day ,you wish that you will not witness it anymore,

It is the moment in your day.


He is unknown but he has his contacts👨‍👩‍👧‍👦,.

He is unfigured but he is respected👮 and honoured🤝,

He is seen with none👬 but has his back- ups👥👥,

He has a lot on his 🧠mind but he is not selfish🤝,

He has a low profile and that what makes him special💝,

No one expects 💫things from him but he has his plans 👔,

He is always watched with the👁️ eye but nothing is seen from spying🦅,

No one understands 🕴️him but he is trusted and understood by his source👥👥,,

He 🕺easily gets the public attention👯,

His🗣️ words are heard by few👨👩 but are memorized by many👨👩👶🧒👴🧓👵.


The world is changing rapidly in its natural,social,physical,economial and political background of its norms and culture,of these changes is the desire of attraction ,which we say addiction. ADDICTION is the continuous desire of attraction of the various aspect of change.Addiction can either be considered good👌✌ or bad 👎,healthy💪💪 or unhealthy💀 depending on the kind of society👥👥👥 one is in but to the individual is a just a cure satisfaction of desire.

The healthy aspect of addiction would be eating a specific fruit🍏🍉🍓 without losing taste ,reading motivational quotes📜📜,exercising the body🏀⚾,mediating ,telling the truth,reading the Bible,admiring yourself ,getting stuck with books📘 ,listening to music🎧 etc.

The unhealthy side of addiction would be smoking ,taking narcotics,drinking alcohol,talking while eating,wearing the same dirty👕👗👚👔 cloth for days,playing with cutlery while eating.

Being an addict to something or someone 👦👧is considered to good or bad according to the thinking of the society.

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